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Over the years, Gary has had several hundred feature articles published. In the early days he specialised in the business of the technology industry and wrote a monthly column for Insight/IS during the dotcom boom and subsequent bust.


He has also written about technology for the Daily Telegraph; sport for the Independent; interior design for FX magazine; the media for the Big Issue, and the value of academic research for the Journalist magazine.


In 2008, Gary returned to freelance journalism and wrote a trilogy of travel articles about a trip to SE Asia by train and ship for the Guardian. He also wrote for the Taipei Times and appeared on BBC radio. In 2010, Gary was nominated for the German Tourist Board Travel Writer of the Year Award for an article he wrote for Country Walking magazine.

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As a travel journalist, Gary complements his words with photographs and these have accompanied his articles in the Guardian, Country Walking and the Taipei Times.  Click on the thumbnails below to see some examples of Gary's published work.


After many unsuccessful attempts, Gary fulfilled a long-standing ambition and received an honourable mention in the Guardian's In Pictures photography competition. His entry featured racks of fabrics in a Hong Kong tailor's shop. Gary's preferred focus, however, is human, and to see some of his best portrait photography, click the YouTube link on the right.

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Although he is primarily a writer, Gary is sufficiently telegenic and engaging to be a video journalist, too. He has made several trailers and pilots but these have yet to be commissioned. More ideas will follow.


Maybe Gary's ideas are ahead of the curve. Seven years before ITV took Joanna Lumley on the Trans-Siberian Railway, Gary produced a trilogy of short films about a seven-day train journey from Moscow to Vladivostok. Packed with realism and randomness, Lazy Train captures the unscripted essence of this epic trip.


In 2012, Gary made a pilot episode of One Man and His Debt, the true story of how he paid off an unexpected credit card bill by generating extra income by inventive means. Click the link on the right to view.


CLICK for Gary's YouTube page


During his year of flight-free, international travel, Gary was the subject of three interviews on BBC Radio Wales. He also appeared on two English-language radio stations in Taiwan: ICRT and Radio Taiwan International (RTI.) Gary has also appeared on BBC Radio Wales as a critical commentator on Corporate Social Responsibility.


Impressed - and somewhat amazed - by the popularity of American humourist and raconteur, Dave Sedaris, Gary decided to record his own take on the extended allegorical anecdote. His first submission is 'Johnny "Plums" Rambo', a true-life tale of bravado, bluff and bonhomie, with a hint of tragedy and a squirt of dark humour. Download this - and the RTI interviews - by clicking the icons on the right.


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