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If you're a journalist who covers economics and business and yet you've had have no formal education or training in these subjects, you are not alone. Journalists have traditionally learned 'on the job' but since the Financial Crisis, there has been an increasing demand for better understanding of economics and business.


For this reason, Gary has designed and delivered one-day courses in economics and business for the National Union of Journalists, ITV Wales and S4C. He has taught journalists from a variety of media organisations, including Bloomberg, the BBC and Sky News.  


In addition to the traditional class-based courses, Gary has also provided multimedia, online courses for the Federation of Entertainment Unions (FEU.) Subjects include: media ethics, regulation and law; finance and marketing for freelances; and how to improve your promotional writing (see video below.)

The courses outlined above can be delivered as one-to-one tuition; in groups of up to 12; and in a variety of formats. Similarly, Gary can adjust the content to meet the needs of the attendees. If, for example, the audience has a solid understanding of economic and business principles, Gary can devise a more advanced course.


Similarly, Gary can modify courses for the needs of different organisations (news providers, PR agencies, NGOs, trade unions, etc.) He can also design courses for professionals based on his teaching portfolio and research interests.  For an informal discussion about training, please contact Gary directly.

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