Gary has taught journalism-related subjects at five British universities. Over the last 14 years, he has expanded his teaching portfolio which now includes practical, contextual and academic subjects at BA and MA levels.


The practical modules include feature writing and online journalism and the contextual subjects cover economics, business, media law and politics. Gary's academic teaching primarily revolves around the methods and theories employed in his own research, namely content and numerical analysis, qualitative analysis and the sociology of journalism.


As well as teaching classes of all sizes, with diverse backgrounds and mixed abilities, Gary has considerable experience in developing and presenting new modules, course development and administration.




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In very broad terms, all students have the same basic requirements from higher education: to improve their skills, understanding and knowledge; to gain a qualification; and to enhance their career prospects.


Beyond this generalisation, however, every student is different. People learn at different speeds; they have different interests; and respond in different ways to different learning techniques. For this reason, students sometimes benefit from one-to-one tuition. Typically, this is in addition to the support they receive from their lecturers and institution.


If you are studying a social science at BA, MA or PhD level and you feel that you need extra help with your course work or dissertation, please send an email to Gary outlining your needs.


Gary has supervised over 200 BA and MA dissertations and has proofread several PhD theses. Even if your topic is not media-related, Gary can advise on structure, content and writing style.